The Hum: Abductions hits Steam Greenlight with a new trailer


For those who don’t remember, The Hum is a rather ambitious sci-fi horror game that made its debut last April with a couple of very striking trailers before going silent for the better part of a year. Today, developer Totwise Studios (now expanded to five members from its original one-man team) delivered some good news and some bad news to fans awaiting more information on the game. The bad news is that you’ll have to wait a while longer to get your hands on The Hum as the project has been put on temporary hiatus. The good news, however, is that Totwise is currently hard at work on a prequel (titled The Hum: Abductions), which is now up on Steam Greenlight with a projected release date of Q1 2016.

“In Abductions, you will play the role of Holly Sanders, a mother and wife, who is living hard days since her husband’s mysterious vanishing, months ago,” says Totwise. “Lonely and disturbed, with her little son Dan as only company, Holly will uncover the past and present events of the Sanders family, while facing a terrifying approaching revelation.”

The game seems to be following in the footsteps of Fullbright’s Gone Home, featuring beautiful environments crafted by the Unreal Engine 4 which the player can explore and interact with in order to glean scraps of backstory and ambient narrative.

You can view The Hum: Abductions‘ latest spooky trailer below, but be sure to show your support on the game’s Greenlight page if you want to see more from Totwise’s The Hum universe.

YouTube video

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