The House Abandon successor Stories Untold releases February 27 on PC

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Late last summer, we brought you coverage of a fascinating little game called The House Abandon, created by Jon McKellan’s (of Alien: Isolation) indie studio No Code for the Ludum Dare games jam.

Now, we have exciting news about an upcoming game related to that project! In partnership with publisher Devolver Digital (Hotline Miami, Broforce, The Talos Principle), No Code is releasing Stories Untold, “a narrative thriller that will scare your pants off.” It’s described as a compilation of four episodes from a canceled series of the same name, including the pilot episode called… “The House Abandon.” That’s right, Stories Untold will include a remastered version of The House Abandon!


As we noted in our coverage of The House Abandon, there’s an unmistakable Stranger Things vibe to the game, which No Code has carried over to Stories Untold. The poster was even created by Kyle Lambert, who also designed the poster for Stranger Things. But The House Abandon stands on its own as a uniquely nostalgic and genuinely scary experience set in the ’80s and involving the archaic text adventure game genre.

The House Abandon only took 30 minutes to play, but it was enough to make me wonder at the possibilities of a longer game based in the same world. I even expressed that I hoped that would happen, and it looks like I’m getting my wish! I’m admittedly extremely excited about this game, and I can’t wait to experience more of the creeping dread and unique atmosphere of The House Abandon.

No Code is being pretty cryptic. They posted a tweet related to the game that features a strange glowing orb, and we have the teaser trailer below. We may have to wait until February 27, when it releases on PC, to find out more. If Stories Untold intrigues you, be sure to add it to your Steam wishlist. I know I will! You can also check out the official site.

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