The Grandfather Creeps Onto Steam - Rely on Horror

The Grandfather Creeps Onto Steam

The Grandfather

New indie title The Grandfather is close to launch on Steam, and has released a free demo for players to try. Brought to life by Michael Patrick Rogers and David Szymanski (The Music Machine, The Moon Sliver), the game features comic book style two-dimensional art and a creepy atmosphere reminiscent of the cutscenes from Alice: Madness Returns.

The Grandfather is a point-and-click game in which you play an elderly man who is miserable with how his life has turned out. One day he awakes after an argument with the wife to find all of his body parts have gone missing. You venture through your decaying old home to find your missing pieces, and unravel what, exactly, has gone wrong in your life.

The Grandfather promises unique, challenging puzzles, full narration, professional voice acting, and a procedural soundtrack developed just for the game. Rogers plans to launch the full version of the game in early May, so follow his Twitter to track development.

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