The Dark Pictures: Little Hope is Coming for Your Halloween

It’s been a wild year, but that isn’t putting a full stop on the development and production teams behind many of our favorite games. Several upcoming titles are officially heading into crunch mode right about now, and Supermassive Games is among those. The Dark Pictures: Little Hope is dropping on October 30th, which means the team is likely working out the final bugs and putting one last layer of shine on the project in their remaining days. They did drop a few crumbs for fans before heading into the thick of things, in the form of an interactive trailer and a preview of the collector’s edition of this entry in the series. I was planning to wait and order a physical copy when The Dark Pictures Anthology is finished, but I will probably be buying the Special Bundle instead. Those who order the Special Bundle get a copy of the game in a special steel case, plus a physical replica of Mary’s Ragdoll. I’m in it for the ragdoll, which I plan to name Annabell and move around my house to creep out the spouse. It’s 2020, take fun where you can find it.

The interactive trailer is fun, too, and viewers can try out every option by popping back to the starting video and making different choices. I went back a few times to see what endings I could get, and was struck by the feeling that I have seen something very similar to the enemy in this trailer before. In my restless dreams, I see that town. This enemy design screams Silent Hill so loud that Sean Bean shows up looking for his daughter. While we have more than a ~Little Hope~ that there is something afoot in the realm of Silent Hill, it is always fun to add another spiritual sister to the collection. I think we can safely say that The Dark Pictures: Little Hope belongs in that category at this stage. Similar enemies, a misty town with roads crumbling into the void, people who have no idea why they’re there, and a lesson to be learned from its dark past? Welcome to Silent Hill Little Hope!

Just in time to save your Halloween from being too terribly lonely, The Dark Pictures: Little Hope will release on October 30th, 2020 for XBox, PS4, and PC. As always, preorders come with day-one access to the Curator’s Cut, an extended sequence that allows you to replay the game from a different perspective once you’ve completed your first run.

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