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The Creature Creator Returns for Silent Hill: Revelations

You might not be as excited as we are about the new Silent Hill movie, Silent Hill: Revelations.  We can understand that – some people don’t like their beloved game franchises turned into movies.  But even people who didn’t like the first film can’t argue with the fact that the visuals were fantastic.  Who ‘didn’t’ like the way Pyramid Head turned out?

Well good news Silent Hill fans!  Patrick Tatopoulos is returning as the creatures and makeup effects designer and fabrication supervisor in Silent Hill: Revelation.

Tatopoulos’ previous work can be found in movies such as Underworld, Independence Day, I am Legend, and 10,000BC.  But you might rknow him best for his work on the previous Silent Hill movie.  Designing Pyramid Head, Grey Children, Nurses and Bugs.

I actually just designed some of the monsters for the new SILENT HILL.

While he wouldn’t go into detail in the interview which creatures he designed, we can probably hazard a guess as to what his stuff might look like, bringing to life the creatures of Silent Hill 3.


Source: Silent Haven

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