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The Church of Unitology

Unitology is a fictional religion in Dead Space, founded on the ideas of Michael Altman , a resercher who found the very first Marker. The Church of Unitology is described as a massive religion believing that the Marker would bring about eternal life. While the exact details of much of the religion’s theological and doctrinal basis remain undisclosed, they believe in a single God figure, and consider the Marker evidence that human life originated from outside of Earth. Your typical cult basically.

Founded around two hundred years prior to the events of Dead Space, Unitology had its beginnings when Michael Altman discovered the Black Marker. Upon discovering and studying the Marker, Altman led a massive religious movement which established Unitology as a major religion. At the time many people had lost considerably faith and the new aspiring religion was soon appealing to them and drew more converts. This process was accelerated when Altman was mysteriously killed , the faithful suspected the hand of the government in his assassination, and his subsequent martyrdom only furthered their growth and radicalization.The basis of the religion is based solely on the ideology laid out for the Marker. However , many scientists, even Altman himself, have little idea of the Marker’s true purpose and origin. The inscriptions about the Marker had puzzled Unitologists as to its meaning. It would be 200 years later that a colonist would decipher its meaning.

The Church is said to have high amounts of political and economic influence; and its mentioned that they often require members to contribute huge sums of money to the church in order to move up ranks. It is also mentioned in game logs that they refuse to allow their members bodies buried or cremated; instead preserving them aboard space ships.
Of course , being a cult of weirdness , The Church is noted for having many doomsday features including ritual sacrifices and mass suicides , which you can observe in the actions of fervorous unitology zealots in game such as that pesky Dr.Mercer…

Interestingly, the verse quoted by Samuel Irons (an audio log you find on Dead Space , not sure the chapter though) just before his death is eerily similar to how necromorphs are created: They are “taken” by other servants (other necromorphs in this case) and transformed into more eternal servants (necromorphs appear fully self sufficient) and their souls freed (they are killed). Hence they are the road to “eternal bliss” , so goes the fanatics.

Several members of the Church of Unitology are prominent characters in Dead Space; including:

Benjamin Matthius: Captain of the CEC Planet Cracker USG Ishimura.
Challus Mercer: A doctor aboard the Ishimura, creator of the Hunter.
Terrence Kyne: A doctor aboard the Ishimura, researched the Red Marker.
Hanford Carthusia: Manager of the Aegis VII Colony.
Deacon Abbot: CEC Engineer, first to experience visions after the marker’s discovery.
Vera Cortez: Aegis VII P-Sec officer, partner to Abraham Neumann.

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