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The Cat Lady 10% off on Steam

You’d be forgiven if you hadn’t heard of The Cat Lady up until now.  Sure, everyone knows of a cat lady per se, but that’s a different thing entirely.  Well, maybe not entirely.

The Cat Lady is a story about one such cat lady, Susan Ashworth.  In her early 40s, Susan has no family, no friends, and not much reason to continue living.  In an attempt to commit suicide, Susan swallows a large bottle of pills.  When the plan does not go as intended, Susan is transported to a world where she is told about five people, The Parasites which she must face.  The Parasites will attempt to get close to her and perhaps try to be her friend – but they are not what they seem.  The Parasites are a group of cold-blooded psychopaths who would stop at nothing to hurt Susan, unless she gets to them first.

The Cat Lady is currently available on Steam for $8.99USD.  The sale ends on December 11, 2013.


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