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TGS 2015: First Umbrella Corps. Gameplay Released, Looks … Eh

To be honest, despite the backlash Umbrella Corps. has been getting, I was actually looking forward to it. I’m a huge fan of games like Gears of War and I was really let down by 2012’s Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, but this seemed like a second chance to maybe get some sort of cool shooter out of RE without it being forced onto one of the numbered games. I really wanted this to look cool. Busting heads as Umbrella Corporation Forces with my buddies in familiar RE locals? That sounds awesome, quite frankly.

But… well, take a look at the newly released gameplay footage that GameSpot posted earlier today and see for yourself. At least I didn’t pre-order it this time.

Can we talk about this video for a sec? I mean, it is an early gameplay demo and, as I’m sure signs everywhere at Capcom’s TGS booth will be quick to explain, it is in no way representative of the final product. There’s still every chance this will be amazing. But this video… actually looks a tiny bit worse than Operation Raccoon to me. What’s with the short, stubby looking player character? What’s with the laughably apathetic zombies who literally seem to be totally without AI of any kind? And what in the world is with the hilarious ground slide thing? We made a video a ways back poking fun at Resident Evil 6‘s slide/crawl mechanic, but this seems to move way faster and happens almost instantly without any animation. I can’t look at it without laughing.

I will point out a few cool things I noticed, since there were a few. I really dig the shutter door mechanic. Lifting the door up slightly to aim underneath before going barreling through is actually a really cool idea, and I’m surprised I’ve never seen it before. It’s clever. I also like the lighting and HUD: it’s quiet and non-invasive. Overall, it feels more like Rainbow 6 Vegas than Gears of War, which might be better for people looking for a more tactical kind of shooter.

We’ll see how the final game turns out when it releases sometime next year, exclusive to PS4 and PC.

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