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Take a bite out of three new Dead Island gameplay videos

If you’re one of the many gamers just waiting to get your hands on Dead Island and its countless melee weapons, surely the anticipation has reached a boiling point by now. Dead Island releases this week, including tomorrow across North America. To tease us one last time, Techland and Deep Silver have released a trio of gameplay videos showcasing different environments, weapons, and -of course- lots of zombies.

The first video shows off Logan’s attempts at surviving in the city streets using an array of melee weapons and a few firearms. It also shows off the game’s daytime and nighttime gameplay.


The second video stars ex-athlete, Logan, again, as he attempts to help a fellow survivor down in the dark sewers. Here we see how it’s sometimes smarter to flee than fight in Dead Island. It also demonstrates how completing side-quests can help you survive in the long haul. Completing the quest showcased in the video will get you access to a vehicle that you otherwise may not have.


This final video shows us one-hit-wonder rapper, Sam B., teaming up with resident receptionist, Xian Mei, as they trek across the blood-soaked shore. It demonstrates the co-op aspect of the zombie-melee game.


The game has been receiving mixed reviews so far, averaging a 75 on Metacritic right now. One reviewer, however, did go so far as to call it “Fallout 3 with zombies” which sounds like the perfect marriage of depth and scary fun.  Most reviews have the game clocking in around 25 hours without 100% completion. So it should be a while before you find salvation on the island of Banoi.

Survive with friends when Dead Island releases tomorrow in North America and September 9th across the rest of the zombified globe.


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