Switch Port of Omega Vampire Lets You Suck Blood and Boys in Public

Switch Port of Omega Vampire Lets You Suck Blood and Boys in Public

Omega Vampire Switch

The Nintendo Switch has seen its fair share of Mature games since launch, but this one might take the cake.

Originally released for PC, Japanese boys love visual novel Omega Vampire is headed to Nintendo’s portable console this spring in Japan. Developer Karin Chatnoir and publisher Prototype announced the game’s release recently. This may not come as a surprise given you’ve likely not even heard of the game (I hadn’t), but when you take a look at the type of content included, you’ve got to wonder how.

According to Visual Novel Database, Omega Vampire is set in a world where humans and vampires are attempting to coexist. Some humans fear vampires while some vampires still prefer the taste of human blood over the synthetic alternative, EX-BLOOD — as such they still illegally hunt humans. Humans who consume vampire blood treat it like a drug for its healing properties. When protagonist Moriya Keiichi sustains life-threatening injuries, his friend cures him with vampire blood, turning him into an irresistible half vampire that other vampires want to suck and f— (I’m sorry). Omega Vampire is yaoi if you haven’t figured that out by now.

Omega Vampire is set for a Nintendo Switch release in Japan this spring. It will likely receive some significant edits to tone down the sexual content much like Dramatical Murder‘s PSP release some years ago. There’s currently no word if the game will receive an English localization for either PC or Switch at this time.

[Source, via Kotaku]

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