Susie Brann and Roger Jackson join Alice: Otherlands


Some fundraisers can’t be stopped by such petty concepts like “deadlines” and continue to make money, even after they have officially ended. The same is true for the Alice: Otherlands animated shorts, which just managed to reach one of their stretch goals, 20 days after their campaign ended.

The animated shorts have now raised a total of $250,000, which means Susie Brann, the original voice actress of Alice, and Roger Jackson, who voiced the Cheshire Cat, have signed on for the project. Additionally, it has been revealed that the first short will take place in the mind of Wilhelm Richard Wagner, a German composer and theatre director who lived from May 1813 to February 1883. It’s an interesting pick for the first short, but I think we can all agree that it’s fun to have Roger and Susie voice the two iconic characters once again.


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