Surprise: Silent Hill Origins and Shattered Memories are NOT Available on the Vita for Europeans

On April 17 Konami UK announced that both Silent Hill: Origins and Shattered Memories were to be available for the PlayStation Vita. Due to the wording of the announcements, some sites were led to believe that both games were being developed and released as Vita remakes. This was an innocent misunderstanding on part of some reporters but not the first to come from this announcement. No, Konami themselves managed to hurt the expectations of Silent Hill fans yet again, as if it were a muscle that they actively needed to exercise in order to prevent atrophy.

Konami UK‘s Twitter account, as well as a blog post (title now edited but cached on Google), explicitly said that the two Silent Hill games were making their way to the Vita, via PSP emulation support. The time has come and this is not the case. Somewhere along the line Konami managed to draft, release, and publicize an announcement that was incorrect. Silent Hill: Origins and Shattered Memories have not been made available on the Vita, just the PSP – Sony’s nine year old portable console.

This morning when I heard that the games were not showing up as Vita compatible purchases for a European friend, I had suggested to him to simply transfer the game from his PS3 to his Vita as I had done in the past with my North American account and consoles. Apparently, this is not possible for Europeans. On NeoGaf I’m seeing a confirmation of this unfortunate situation.

Surely this mistake is one that members of the publisher regret, but it is merely one of many to occur in their handling of this series. Yes, mistakes happen, but as a Silent Hill fan you would think the publisher is going out of their way to seem so incompetent when it comes to this series.

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