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Silent Hill: Origins and Shattered Memories Coming to EU PSN

Konami’s Twitter account has today announced that Silent Hill: Origins, the prequel game to the original Silent Hill, and Shattered Memories, a reimagining of the original Silent Hill, are both coming to the European PlayStation Network Store.

Both games have been available on PSN in North America for quite some time unlike what you might have heard today from other sites that are less obsessed with the series, but today’s news marks the arrival of these games in a new territory so many years after their respective releases.

The price and release date for each game has not been announced just yet, but according to CVG they will both sell for £7.99. In North America, Origins on PSP/Vita is $9.99, while Shattered Memories is a whopping (and ridiculous) $29.99. Hopefully the latter game gets its price adjusted soon.

This news comes as a surprise as it means Konami has actively looked into selling its older titles via digital distribution. These two games have been available on North America PlayStation stores for awhile, but some internal talks have finally changed that to include European territories, as well. I wonder if we’ll see Silent Hill 2 through Silent Hill 4 pop up as PS2 classics anytime soon; that announcement would make people happy.


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