Spiritual Successor to Dino Crisis ´Dinobreak´ Releasing Soon


Many of you are familiar with Dino Crisis, the Jurassic Park and Resident Evil blend directed by Shinji Mikami that mystified gamers back in 1999. Unfortunately, the series has not received any new entries for two decades, leaving it virtually untouched. But good news for passionate fans of Dino Crisis, developer Dead Drop Studios, led by co-founder Evan Wolbach, looks to pick up the series where Capcom left off by introducing a spiritual successor to the series, Dinobreak.

According to Wolbach:

“With DINOBREAK, we’re answering the massive fan demand for a spiritual successor to Dino Crisis. We’re thrilled to finally bring the prehistoric survival horror experience into the future, both for fans who yearn for the retro experience and for newcomers who haven’t yet fallen in love with the tense and exciting gameplay this genre has to offer.”

Players will assume the role of Lydia, a woman facing an infestation of dinosaurs in the city of Cypress Ridge. Much like Jurassic Park, Lydia must survive the dinosaurs’ rampage and find out why these creatures still exist, especially in the year 1999. Remaining faithful to the original Dino Crisis as well as older Resident Evil games, Dinobreak emphasizes inventory management, limited opportunities to save the game, as well as “extremely cheesy and stiff voice acting” circa old-school retro games. Furthermore, Cypress Ridge is infested with dinosaur eggs, and upon hatching, will give Lydia an extra challenge. Featuring optional tank controls like the original Resident Evil, these controls can be turned off in favor of three different camera options: fixed, third-person, and first-person.

Though we have yet to learn how Dinobreak will measure up to the success and cult following of the original Dino Crisis, only a few more days stand between fans and the game’s release, so be sure to let us know your thoughts once you experience Dinobreak for yourself.

Dinobreak will be released on October 4th for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. With a price of $19.99, the game features a single-player campaign as well as local two-player co-op. Additionally, an arcade mode called Operation: Feral Raptor is featured as well. You can enjoy the release trailer of the game below.


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