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Spirit Photography: The Possessed Notebook (Fatal Frame 3DS spin-off) TGS trailer & screens

While the fate of Fatal Frame (Project Zero) outside of Japan is very uncertain, the recently rumored Fatal Frame game for the 3DS is now confirmed real as screens and a trailer surfaced on Nintendo’s Tokyo Game Show page after their Press Conference last night. The game is being made as a collaboration effort between the game’s producer, Keisuke Kikuchi, and the Fatal Frame team at Tecmo alongside Nintendo to develop the game. The game is not titled Fatal Frame however, but is confirmed to be set in the same world and continuity of the main series. It’s English title, “Spirit Photography: The Possessed Notebook,” (also known as “Shinrei Shashin,” or translated literally, “Spirit Photo”) features the player switching between the game and the real world to progress across the game’s story mode titled, “Mystery of the Violet Notebook.” Players play as themselves helping a young women escape from some place far spirited away from our own. However, thanks to a notebook that comes with the game (which in reality is a fancy AR Diary in disguise) players will have to take pictures with their 3DS camera of the book and summon spirits away from the girl in the game to face them in real life (using the 3DS’s camera). It’s a rather unique and interesting concept, and utilizes many of the 3DS’s features in ways we honestly didn’t expect but make sense in the Fatal Frame series.

The game also boasts some very nice graphics, some of the best currently on the console, and as well as the AR Diary and 3DS camera twists in the game, it also features traditional Fatal Frame gameplay where you play and guide the girl through her twisted reality. We’re all for unique concepts in the horror genre, and this game wholly fascinates us. While no release date is set in any region, we will just have to hope the game does release outside of Japan (and the Fatal Frame 2 Wii Remake, while they’re at it… Please?). You can check out the trailer and images of the game below.

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