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Spec Ops: The Line Free on Humble Store for 48 Hours!

Do you feel like a hero yet? No? Well then it’s high time you downloaded the high-impact psychological action/horror game Spec Ops: The Line, especially since it’s free on Humble Bundle for the next 48 hours!

While the Spec Ops series (something that dates back all the way to the late 90s) were never really anything that special (tactical military shooter games, essentially SOCOM before that series came out),¬† the developers at (the sadly now defunct) Yager Studios wanted to do something a little more interesting with the latest entry when handed the reigns. The Line (the seventh entry in the series) ditched the gung-ho war game attitude and instead turned its focus towards the psychological impact of not just war, but of gamer’s perception of war games. Exploring dark themes and turning the player’s trust against the story that unfolds, The Line blends some amazing fourth wall breaking creeps with viciously uncompromising¬† depictions of a hell on earth war zone. It’s become a cult classic, and its a personal favorite of the era for me. With a price like “free”, what more reason could you want to check out one of the darkest, most cynical looks at modern military shooters out there?

You can download your free Steam copy right here, but you gotta act fast. It’s only gonna be there for so long before the sands sweep it away like a bad dream.

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