Souls combat to evolve in Dark Souls 3

Bloodborne expanded upon the Souls combat system in several ways. While it may have reduced the options for ranged builds, it made the melee combat much more free flowing an elegant. Well for Dark Souls 3,  Miyazaki and his team want to make the best combat system From Software has ever produced in an action RPG. In an interview with Edge magazine, the developers has the following to say:

There are traces of Bloodborne in the combat, too. While the new hero is no Hunter, he certainly seems more agile than before. The backstep in particular has been sped up, and a longsword is swung more quickly too, with no apparent damage penalty (though enemy health bars – along with the entire HUD – have been disabled here, just as they were at last year’s Bloodborne unveiling). 

That increased fluidity is mirrored in the weapon set as well; we find a scimitar on a corpse later in the demo that is, in fact, a pair, and when dual-wielding them, the protagonist strikes with a level of grace and speed unmatched in previous Souls games. They can also be deployed in a spin attack, a tornado of flashing steel that, when properly timed to account for its wind-up animation and correctly spaced to allow for the step forward at the start, can clear a four-strong mob of enemies. 

They also went on to explain details like how not all weapons are designed around hitting hard, but also for kiting and chipping away enemy health. It sounds like Dark Souls 3 will probably have more variety for players than Bloodborne but will also incorporate elements from that game as well.


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