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Soul Axiom Coming to PS4, XBox on June 7th

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Soul Axiom is a fun game that takes players on a journey through forty different locations, made up of the memories of the unknown person they are playing. To find out who they are and save the future of the world, you’ll have to play through all of these memories and make a hard decision. Soul Axiom handles the sprawling world well and manages to tie everything into the storyline nicely by the time you are done. It has multiple endings, each of which you can reach from the main HUB without having to restart chapters. The game boasts gorgeous stylized graphics and interesting voice acting, and has collectibles that provide replay value. When we reviewed the PC release of Soul Axiom, it earned a 7/10. Since then, many of the player complaints have been resolved by Wales Interactive, making the game much more enjoyable.

Having played Soul Axiom through three full times, I am tempted to try it out in console format and see how the controller-based actions change the game. I would bet on a large improvement, since most of my remaining issues with the game involve the sometimes clunky WASD controls in very tight spaces. To entice console players to purchase the game, Wales is offering discounts during release week. PS Plus members can purchase the game for $14.99, instead of the usual $19.99, and receive the same game as computer players.  XBox One Players will have access to an exclusive chapter in the game featuring three new levels, and an 82-page concept art book. While the company has not yet announced a WiiU release date, they did verify via Twitter that a WiiU release is in the works. The company also announced that Soul Axiom was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Game 2016, just in time for the console release announcement to pick up a nice boost.

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