Sony Worldwide Studios boss would love to see a game like P.T. on Project Morpheus


P.T. was one of the scariest experiences in gaming last year. It garnered positive reception among survival horror fans and painted a bright future for what’s to come in the Kojima/Del Toro – led Silent Hills. Despite the status of said game being up in the air for now, P.T. is still a thing fans could experience. And we could potentially experience it with a new perspective.

There’s no denying that Project Morpheus could do wonders for survival horror gaming. Speaking with OPM UK, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida stated:

Well, we always say to developers, ‘Don’t try to port your game—you need to approach it from the ground up for VR.’ That said, I’d personally like to see a game like P.T. working with Morpheus…something really, really scary.

I get chills just thinking about how experiencing P.T. on Project Morpheus would be. Hell, I had a pretty tough time getting through it initially (I did scream like a little girl a few times, I admit). But I loved every second of it! So let’s hope things still work out for Silent Hills!



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