Sony Reveals New Details on PS4 Remake of MediEvil

First announced almost a year ago, there has been little news regarding the 4K remaster of MediEvil for the PS4. However, this past Thursday, Sony honcho Shawn Layden spoke on the PlayStation Blogcast and gave us a little more insight into what to expect from the game. For starters, Layden confirmed that it would be a full remake, as opposed to an HD upgrade. He also revealed that they are working with some of the original game’s talent in an effort to keep with the intent of its creators. Layden himself worked on the original game when it was first developed, and clarified that this is a remake of that version and not the PSP version which came out in 2005.

“This is a remake. We’ve taken the original game design, taken a lot of the key art and we’re working with a developer called Other Ocean Interactive and they’re remaking MediEvil in that design…the original MediEvil from PS1.”

I first played the original PS1 classic in college with a buddy of mine, and we both had a blast. It was a successful fusion of gothic horror, traversal and goofy humor which combined to form a weird new take on the genre that was both fun and engaging. The sequel, released two years later in 2000, evolved the gameplay in interesting new directions and was also a blast to play. I recommend both games to anyone looking for a hilarious, light-hearted, but still cool and spooky good time.

I’m looking forward to stepping back into the shoes of one of the most unlikely heroes of all time, Sir Daniel Fortesque, and once again battling my way through armies of ghosts, ghouls and demonic pumpkins. For those of you who are looking to see what all the undead fuss is all about, the original PS1 classic is still available for download on PSN for $5.99, if anyone wants to try it out before the remaster drops. I highly recommend it.

I hope they do this one justice. The game has a broad appeal, and a well-done remake has the opportunity to introduce a whole new generation of gamers to its charms. A brand new trailer is expected to drop on Oct. 31st.

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