MediEvil Is Being Resurrected For The PlayStation 4

Nostalgia is a profitable thing. At the latest PlayStation Experience, Sony revealed a teaser trailer for the 4K remaster of MediEvil. Since this is a teaser trailer, not much was actually shown.

The trailer begins with orchestra music, followed by some blue fog and thunder, overlayed with voice lines from some of the characters in the original game. The trailer culminates in the fog turning into Sir Daniel Fortesque’s face, the protagonist of the original game. After that, we get a small glimpse of one of the enemies from the game in all their 4K glory.

For those too young to remember, or who just didn’t play the original, MediEvil is an action-adventure hack and slash game released on the PlayStation One in 1998. The original was received positively by critics at the time and was followed by a sequel, as well as a re-imagining on the PlayStation Portable.

Though no specific date has been announced, MediEvil for the PlayStation 4 will be releasing some time in 2018.


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