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SOMA officially announced, SciFi horror for PC and PS4

Frictional Games has officially announced today their next horror game, SOMA. Teased over the course of several weeks, we now know what SOMA is and when to expect it. Coming to PC and the PS4 in 2015, SOMA brings us to a SciFi horror world crafted by the team behind Amnesia.

SOMA will be heavy on the theme of consciousness and self identity–asking the question “do we have free will?”. Some form of an alien artificial intelligence has taken over the PATHOS-2 research facility and has developed machines with human traits. In the trailer we get a glimpse of a human that may be in the conversion process of becoming part of whatever is taking over the facility. It’s also hinted at that the on-screen character is struggling to identify if he is still human or part of the alien construct. This is bound to be a horror experience that’s scary on many levels due to its frightening visuals and psychological story. 2015 is too far away.


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