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SOMA obtains favorable sales in just 10 days; Transmission #4 released

Frictional Games’ SOMA has sold 92,000 copies in just ten days. According to the developer, while these sales figures may be lower than that of A Machine for Pigs‘ first week sales (but significantly more than that of Amnesia: The Dark Descent’s), the studio has already made enough money to continue operating for two more years. Frictional hopes to reach 100,000 sales within a month’s time and states they need to sell almost three times as much to break-even, but they’re not worried in the slightest.

SOMA currently holds an 85 rating on MetaCritic and reception has been very positive since release. In my own review I wrote “SOMA is Frictional Games’ best work yet and a tour de force in the survival horror genre.” That line even appears in the newly released (and spoilerific) accolades trailer; neat!

Frictional goes on to talk about how the game has been received by those expecting the game to be scarier or more like their previous title Amnesia: The Dark Descent. They also make note of some marketing challenges they faced due to revealing the game two years ago, with a delayed live-action series (which began releasing as of this week) and not enough game material to show off without spoiling it. It’s an interesting read, so check that out.

The fourth entry in their live-action SOMA prequel series has released as well. Transmission #4 starts to cover some of the later-revealed plot threads of SOMA, and shows the rising fears of the PATHOS-II crew. Reed ain’t doing so well.


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