Slenderman to Finally Scare us in VR


I’ve been a long-time defender of Slenderman as a monster, even if he is primarily known for jumpscares, which I consider to be kryptonite for quality horror. Despite this, I still get excited when someone across the globe merely whispers the character’s name. Fortunately for me, Reddit user QValem recently uploaded a video and installation instructions for his fan-made Slender game in VR.

Judging by the brief preview below, it seems like the game itself takes heavy inspiration from the original Slender: The Eight Pages release, rather than The Arrival, or any other number of fan-games. As of now, the game only works with the Oculus Quest, and QValem mostly considers the project to be more of a learning experiment than a full-fledged game. If you are interested in trying out what QValem has clobbered together, you can read the installation instructions here and here.

I haven’t gotten on with the VR trend (VR Chat almost got me), but I’m glad this got made. Given what Slenderman games are, VR is a natural fit for the property. Perhaps if the timing for the VR and Slendy trends were more aligned we’d be seeing even more Slender games (as if people didn’t have more than enough).

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