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Slender: The Arrival Is Being Ported To The Switch

Slender Switch

It has been quiet for all ten of us Slenderman fans. The cultural hype around the character has been pretty dead for quite some time, with the recent Slender movie receiving general disgust at its quality and puzzlement at the creation of such a film in 2018. Fortunately, an infinitely better piece of Slender media, Slender: The Arrival, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this June 20th for $9.99.

While The Arrival released in 2013, it carries with it a pretty huge piece of Slenderman’s origins. At this point the internet is simply bursting at the seams with Slenderman games, The Arrival was one of the first, and so far the only to appear on major platforms. On top of that it’s predecessor, Slender: The Eight Pages (which is partially recreated as the second level), is one of the two major contributors to the creature’s popularity (the other of course being the Operator creature from Marble Hornets). While just about everyone that probably has had an interest in playing the game already has done so, it’s convenient that consumers have yet another option, and now anyone who has ever had the itch to play Slender on the bus now has the means to thanks to the Switch’s portability.

It’s a shame that the character is mostly known as just a meme now, as Slendy was actually a pretty good monster that just got overexposed to the point of most people losing interest. With that said, if you haven’t played Slender: The Arrival or you haven’t watched some Let’s Play of the game, give it a go sometime, it’s legit.


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