Rely On Horror’s 2020 Game Of The Year Nominees

As another year closes and a new one is set to begin, we take a look back at what’s been another extraordinary year for horror games. We’ve had elaborate remakes and revivals, along with exceptional sequels and original titles. After internal discussions and votes based on our own favorite titles, the Rely on Horror staff is excited to announce our top five Game of the Year Nominees for 2020. Here is our list, in no particular order:

Amnesia: Rebirth – Frictional Games
DOOM Eternal – Bethesda Softworks
The Last of Us Part II – Naughty Dog
Resident Evil 3 (2020) – Capcom
Remothered: Broken Porcelain – Stormind Games

Did we miss any big titles? Do you have your own horror-themed Game of the Year? Let us know! In addition to announcing our own nominees, the Rely on Horror 2020 Community Game of the Year award poll is now open. Simply fill out this form (embedded below). It includes our GOTY nominees as well as many other horror games that released this year. If your favorite horror game of the year isn’t on the list, simply add it under “Other.” You must be logged into a Google Account to see, fill out, and submit the form.

We’ll announce our 2020 Game of the Year and the Rely on Horror Community Game of The Year on January 10th.

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