SIMULACRA 2 Officially Announced

simulacra 2

SIMULACRA and its spin-off Pipe Dreams are unusual puzzle games presenting their interface as a virtual smartphone. The action takes place inside this device, and you must use its contents to find answers.

The developers from Kaigan Games have announced a full continuation with SIMULACRA 2. In the story, Detective Murilo investigates the case of the unnatural death of a young influencer. You take the role of journalist who must help him with his case.

Here is a short extract from the official press release:

Kaigan Games, creators of the critically acclaimed games such as Sara is Missing and its successor, SIMULACRA, is incredibly proud to announce SIMULACRA 2, the next installment in the “found phone” horror series. A dead influencer. An obsessive detective. Three suspects. Gather the truth by consulting the victim’s phone messages, videos, and social media. Investigate a mysterious death with the only tool you have – the victim’s phone.

Your main task will be to interact with the victim’s smartphone. SIMULACRA 2 also has the most accurately recreated smartphone interface with familiar applications that makes the game much more realistic than you think. You can even chat with suspects in the phone’s messaging option.

SIMULACRA 2 will be larger and more complex than its predecessors. Kaigan Games also stated that the game’s universe will be more creepy than before and “where nothing is as what it seems.” There is no exact release date yet, but they have confirmed that the game will come to PC, iOS, and Android.

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