Silent Hill: The Promise Fan Film Is A Mash-Up Of All Things Silent Hill

Wow, for proclaiming to have been made with zero budget, this trailer is impressive.

A fan film from Red Stage Films, and combining elements from Silent Hill 2, 3 and 4: The Room, Silent Hill: The Promise, well… promises some pretty interesting Silent Hill overlap. Those three games only tangentially overlap, the strongest ties being between 2 and 4, and even then it’s just a few references to each other, but it’s super interesting to see the three of them combined like this. The effects are also pretty impressive, combining in-game assets with the real actors. The addition of a traditional Warning screen at the beginning of the trailer is a great touch, too. There are also a fair amount of original things here as well that I’m… not so intrigued by. The cult seems to be playing a much bigger part in this, and it’s giving me kind of 90s vampire movie vibes. Especially a scene towards the end that seems to be showing Pyramid Head being born? Eh? I don’t know, I’m pretty overly critical of most things, so judge for yourself.

YouTube video

By the way, is it just me or does the guy at the 4 minute mark look like he’s in blackface make-up? I’m hoping he’s just supposed to look like a zombie or something, but something about it looks… wrong to me.


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