Silent Hill: The Short Message Hits Over 2 Million Downloads

Silent Hill The Short Message

Silent Hill is back. After over eleven years between releases, the franchise has finally begun to see new games with the release of Silent Hill: Ascension and, now, Silent Hill: The Short Message.

Ascension has seen a rocky start to say the least, mired in controversy and low viewership. However, The Short Message has shaken things up. The free downloadable title, released on January 31st exclusively for PS5, has seemingly become a smash hit.

A new tweet from Silent Hill’s Japanese Twitter has confirmed the game has surpassed 2 million dowloads since release, which is quite remarkable. It roughly represents 1 in every 25 PS5 owners downloading the title. This success serves as a testament to both the strength of The Short Message‘s marketing and the appetite for Silent Hill as a franchise.

The game reviewed positively overall and Rely On Horror spoke highly of the title in our review. Hopefully Silent Hill 2, presumably the franchise’s next release, carries forward the interest garnered by The Short Message.

If you want to try the title for yourself, you can play it for free on Playstation 5 now.

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