Jodelle Ferland Shares Her Thoughts on Upcoming Silent Hill Movie (Exclusive)

Jodelle Ferland

During the Silent Hill Transmission video update Konami released last October, it was announced that Christophe Gans (director of 2006’s film adaption of Silent Hill) would be returning to direct an adaptation of the second game, entitled, Return to Silent Hill.

We got the chance to speak with Jodelle Ferland, the actress who played Sharon in the original Silent Hill film, this weekend at Days of the Dead Atlanta to see what her thoughts are on the upcoming sequel and whether there’s any potential for her to appear in any future films in the series.

Jodelle Ferland

ROH: We recently heard the news that Christophe Gans was going to do a new Silent Hill movie. Do you have any thoughts on that?

Jodelle Ferland: Oh really? Like, a completely brand-new one?

ROH: It’s actually an adaptation of the second game which technically doesn’t have anything to do with the first game. The second movie (Silent Hill: Revelation) was based on the third game, which was a direct sequel to the first game. But yeah, Christophe is going to be directing a brand-new one.

Jodelle Ferland: That’s amazing! I’m so happy to hear he’s going to be involved. If I hear anything from them, I’m totally in!

ROH: We were just going to ask you, would you be interested in participating?

Jodelle Ferland: Oh, 100%. I would have been in the other ones if they wanted me to. So, if I ever have any opportunity to be involved in something Silent Hill in the future, I 100% would be in.

ROH: Would you say that Silent Hill was the impetus for you getting cast in a lot of horror stuff?

Jodelle Ferland: I think that was definitely part of it, but I had already done a lot of spooky little girl-type roles, even before Silent Hill. I think that was probably partly why I got Silent Hill, even just guest stars in spooky roles. That was just kind of what I did back then.

ROH: You were OK with heavy makeup, etc.

Jodelle Ferland: Yeah, I did a good job with that, apparently [laughs].

ROH: Hopefully, we can look forward to seeing you either in Return to Silent Hill or something else in that series.

Jodelle Ferland: Yeah! Hopefully, I’ll have some more spooky roles for everybody to watch soon.

ROH: Thanks so much for coming out. It was a pleasure to meet you!

Jodelle Ferland: Nice to meet you. Thank you!

We’d love to see Jodelle reprise her role from the first movie or star as a completely different character. Who would you like to see her play in an upcoming Silent Hill project?

Big thanks to Jodelle Ferland for taking the time to let us interview her. You can currently catch her in the action comedy Office Games, a movie about a socially awkward and obsessive gamer (Evan Marsh) dwelling in the comforts of his parent’s basement who is forced to embark on a quest, to get an extra life. In order to do so, he will have to LVL UP, survive RL and save his cosplaying crush (Ferland) by raiding with his new party of quirky co-workers.

You can also request a video message from Jodelle on Cameo and reserve items for livestream signings via Streamily.

Silent Hill (2006) is currently available on DVD, and Blu-ray, and is available to stream on Hulu.

Stay tuned for more on Return to Silent Hill as we learn it.

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