Creator of Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head Wants the Character Dead

Pyramid Head

The incredibly talented Masahiro Ito, level and creature designer for the Silent Hill series, has revealed today that he wants to kill his baby, Pyramid Head. When asked if he would also side with Akira Yamaoka in potentially bringing the Team Silent band back together, he had two stipulations: first, only if the next Silent Hill was not a sequel game. The second requirement was a bit more surprising. “If it’s not sequel and I don’t have to use Pyramid Head or can kill him in the opening, I’ll have no qualms about joining it,” he tweeted.

It appears the father of the Silent Hill series’ most iconic figures is tired of seeing the character overused just as much as some diehard fans are. Over the years, Pyramid Head (or more appropriately Red Pyramid Thing) has become somewhat of a mascot for the series. Making his debut in Silent Hill 2 as a manifestation of protagonist James Sunderland’s desire to be punished, Pyramid Head has since appeared in both of the movies, Silent Hill: Homecoming, the pachinko game, Silent Hill: Book of Memories and nearly Silent Hill: Origins (cough Butcher cough).

Ito doesn’t want Pyramid Head in any more Silent Hill games, and I can’t blame him. I doubt he wants to see any more redesigns either. Have you seen how swole they made him in Silent Hill: Revelation? Jeez.

What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of the character so much that you want to see him in more games despite his creator’s wishes? Or do you think the series is more than just a pointy-headed man with a sword?

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