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Silent Hill “has room to expand into different spinoff genres”

Speaking to BeefJack, Silent Hill producer, Tomm Hulett told of future possibilities pertaining to the Silent Hill series. He tells Beefjack that the series could branch into different genres for its spinoff titles just as Capcom is doing with the Resident Evil series.

“I definitely think Silent Hill has room to expand into different spinoff genres – as Resident Evil has as well – as long as they keep the fundamental themes of the series intact.” Tomm told Beefjack.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories may just be the first spinoff game that Tomm believes can come from the series. The most recently announced Silent Hill title aims to bring an isometric viewpoint and RPG elements, along with series staples, to the Playstation Vita. Seeing as how BoM will be a spinoff and not a direct change to the main games, I’m not bothered.

The day the main series becomes something other than survival horror, I will be disappointed. But I don’t think that will happen. I’m not too keen about seeing a potential FPS Silent Hill game; even if it’s a spinoff. It just seems wrong. For now, I can stay relaxed about BoM, because Downpour looks great and I enjoyed my time with it. We’ll have to wait and see where the series is heading after Downpour and BoM; hopefully somewhere that the majority of fans can agree with.


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