Silent Hill Downpour comic teased by Tom Waltz (Update 2: Art By Tristan Huw Jones)

Is today Silent Hill art day? Not only did Masahiro Ito reveal his art for the Gecco Pyramid Head figure, but Tom Waltz, writer at IDW, released a small teaser of Anne Cunningham in what seems to be an upcoming Silent Hill: Downpour comic book. Menton3 seems to no longer be the artist as he was on the prior Silent Hill comic, “Past Life”.

The teaser page shows Anne pointing her gun at someone or something off of the page. No details on whether the comic is a straight adaptation of Downpour or an expansion of the story. Who could Anne have in her frowny sights? Perhaps Murphy? Perhaps one of her own inner demons?

My next sentence may be a slight spoiler, so beware: I think Downpour was more about Anne than about Murphy, so a comic showing us more about her journey through the town would be excellent. Hopefully the comic will expand on the stuff she had to go through in between chasing Murphy.

Now we play the waiting game and wait for Waltz and IDW to reveal more about this comic.

Update: Tom Waltz has released another picture from the comic.

Update 2: The artist behind the newly announced comic will be Tristan Huw Jones.


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