Silent Hill Dev Alumni Contribute to World of Tanks Halloween Event

Silent Hill Dev Alumni Contribute to World of Tanks Halloween Event

I’ve never played World of Tanks, it’s never been my thing, but it might be time I began! The game’s new Halloween event, Mirny-13, has just been announced and it’s bringing with it a chillingly familiar tone and vibe — and that’s not just intentional, it’s actually the vibe. The developers behind World of Tanks brought in Silent Hill/Team Silent alumni Akira Yamaoka (composer for all but two of the Silent Hill games) and Masahiro Ito (creature designer and creator of Pyramid Head) to work on the event. While we only get a taste of what to look forward to in their snazzy new trailer, the Silent Hill vibe is palpable:

While the event isn’t literally tied-in to Silent Hill, it seemingly combines inspiration from the mythology of Silent Hill with some Metro 2033 visual design (although to be fair it’s really more just “spooky Russian fallout place” than anything more specific). The live-action trailer gives us a peek into the sort of trauma-based haunting that the event is going for, and I’m in love with the idea of a Silent Hill-esque location materializing on a warzone.

The gameplay of the event focuses on a team of five players fighting against waves of “armored monster tanks of a mysterious origin” designed by Masahiro Ito (along with spooky skins you can purchase for your tank), while collecting something called Mirium, attempting to deliver it to a massive Wolfenstein 2009 looking machine structure thing called Magnus. All this is wrapped in a nice bow with a “haunting ambient track” composed by Akira Yamaoka playing in the game’s tank selection hangar (similar to the remixed menu music from the DLC in Dead by Daylight he wrote, I presume). You can see more details in a special preview video:

The World of Tanks: Mirny-13 event starts today and runs through Nov. 9.


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