Silent Hill 2 VR Concept Trailer Reimagines the Classic Game

Silent Hill 2 VR

Silent Hill 2 is a timeless classic, and as video games evolve, some of us can’t help but imagine what our favorite games would be like if built with today’s technologies. One such person is 3D artist and animator Hoolopee, who built a concept trailer for Silent Hill 2 VR. The results are fairly impressive.

Built using Blender and composed of assets from the original Silent Hill 2, Hoolopee’s VR concept trailer reimagines some iconic moments from Silent Hill 2 in an immersive perspective. As James Sunderland, the player character can be seen checking his map, fighting a Lying Figure, solving puzzles, and fleeing from Pyramid Head. Solving the hospital drain puzzle is particularly interesting, with James’ inventory appearing over his arm and the combined hook and hair item being physics-based.

Silent Hill 2 VR may not be a real product, but it’s a fun thought given the lack of any new games in the series to play. Perhaps one day some intrepid modder will make it a reality. Though, if rumors are to be believed, a new Silent Hill game may be just around the corner anyway.

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