Short Horror Experience Filthbreed Channels Condemned, Silent Hill


When I played Borja Zoroza’s The Tithe last year on, I came away impressed with the short but memorable experience. With a palpable sense of dread and an intriguing story, it showed the developer’s talent for short, narrative-focused experiences. Recently Borja Zoroza released his new title Filthbreed, and it’s an entirely different experience, though one still worth playing for any horror fan with 10 minutes to spare.

From the game’s page:

Homeless shelters all across the state of Michigan have reported the disappearance of several people in the past few months, with rumors pointing to the involvement of a cult.

You’ve been tasked to inspect their lair, oblivious to what may lurk in the dark…

Like The Tithe, Filthbreed is a short experience meant to be consumed in a single sitting. Unlike The Tithe, players must use weapons to survive. With a very basic shooting system and an emphasis on urban decay in its art design, Filthbreed manages to channel a surprising amount of Condemned: Criminal Origins in its overall style. With a few familiar sound effects and some surreal imagery, there’s something in Filthbreed for Silent Hill fans as well.

The player is tasked with investigating a dilapidated concrete lair inhabited by strange half-human bug monsters while uncovering the mystery of what happened there. While I think the monster design is a bit lacking given the interesting premise, it makes for a satisfying enough spook house adventure, and with multiple endings there’s reason to play more than once.

You can try Filthbreed for free on the game’s page right here. The game only takes about 10 minutes to play, so set aside some time and give it a shot.

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