Saw Gameplay in New Dead By Daylight Trailer, DLC Dropping Tomorrow

Huh. On the one hand, it’s basically what I expected, but on the other… it’s a little more interesting than that.

So Dead by Daylight announced a little while ago that it will be getting DLC based on the Saw film franchise. This is not only exciting as a Saw fan (since the films have had amazingly terrible luck with video games), but also exciting as a fan of Dead by Daylight, as this is now the fourth licensed film killer to be added (following Halloween‘s Micheal Myers, Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘s Leatherface, and A Nightmare on Elm Street‘s Freddy). I had previously voiced some thoughts and hopes about what we might get to see, but I’m actually a little surprised at the direction they chose.

YouTube video

So while, yes, the Jigsaw killer is being represented as the red-robe wearing, pig-headed stalker seen in the films, the killer is being shown as distinctly female. This is actually pretty cool for a number of reasons, mainly that it directly implicates which Jigsaw killer they’re adding, as well as how the lore is being interpreted for the game. Being female, that labels this pig-masked killer as none other than Amanda Young, the junkie turned apprentice after what is arguably the series’ most famous scene. While Amanda was not the most prolific Jigsaw killer (that title arguably belongs to Mark Hoffman, the main killer throughout the majority of the Saw films), her mark on the series was both tragic and tightly interwoven with the legacy of the franchise (even helping set up the original bathroom game).

It’s also pretty cool that Dead by Daylight is getting another female killer, especially since lady killers aren’t that common in the genre. Dead by Daylight is actually now up to four female killers (with The Hag, The Nurse, and The Huntress preceding her). You can also check out a pretty thorough list of her abilities on the DbD Wikia.

This DLC is also adding a new survivor, Detective David Tapp (played in the film by Danny Glover and the star of the original Konami Saw game), as well as a new map, the Gideon Meat Plant (the location of many of the games, most notably the main game from Saw 3). So that’s pretty cool. There’s also a little blurb about the DLC, which is kinda fun:

“The Pig is here to create a whole new version of hell for all Survivors. Mentored by Jigsaw she comes caring Reverse Bear Traps into the Realm of the Entity. So if you’re gonna play, you have to accept that the stakes are high.”

The Saw Chapter is coming to Dead by Daylight on January 23rd, aka tomorrow. I can’t wait, I’ll probably be live streaming it as soon as it’s available.


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