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Rumor: Not A Hero is Resident Evil 7’s True Ending, Includes Real Final Boss

Resident Evil 7's True Ending

Man, today has just been awesome for RE news.

Resident Evil 7‘s Gold Edition, along with the final release date of the long anticipated DLC chapters Not A Hero and End of Zoe, were finally announced today with some minor details, but thanks to NeoGaf user DuskGolem (who originally leaked Not A Hero‘s delay days before Capcom confirmed it), we might have a few more. Despite Golem’s pedigree with these leaks, we’ll still count this as being only a rumor, but it sounds like it could potentially be amazing if it’s true.

Fans were somewhat disappointed with Resident Evil 7‘s final showdown, which was admittedly pretty lackluster (Spoilers: facing Ethan off against the final iteration of the game’s main monster, which only takes a handful of bullets to put down), and it looks like that may have been intentional. According to DuskGolem, Not A Hero will feature Resident Evil 7′s true ending, and true final boss, meaning that the reason Not A Hero is free is because it’s actually a major part of the story and not just some extra stuff like the other paid DLCs.

It takes place literally immediately after the RE7 ending, it’s basically RE7’s “true end” and has a proper final boss and everything. It has a decent amount of new stuff, you go to some new areas as well as expansions on some of the final areas in the game, there’s some new types of Molded not in the main game, and that’s probably all I should say. It’s more action-focused, but that’s not to say there’s no horror. I don’t know if this is in the revised version anymore, but the original one you could punch enemies.

Some of this Golem leaked before, like the inclusion of new Molded types, and the ability to punch enemies (which looks like it’s staying in the final build (one of the screenshots showcases Chris giving a Molded one of his patented knuckle sandwiches). I can’t wait; this news has me more excited than I thought I’d be for Not A Hero, considering how long its been in limbo.

As for End of Zoe, the final paid DLC, Golem only reiterates that someone from Kojima Productions’ cancelled P.T. directed it, and that it takes place in an entirely new area, which is actually a first for the game’s DLC. Every other piece thus far has, at best, takes place in a modified area from the main game.

I would like to throw in my own two cents in, though. The trailer that released today shows a few brief moments from this content, mainly of Zoe’s hand twitching inside her mold encasing, resting at a swampy beach… which is interesting. Spoilers, obviously, but the only way she ends up like this is if Ethan chooses her over his wife, Mia, towards the game’s conclusion. As the pair make their escape, Zoe is overtaken by the mold, and the boat is capsized. This wouldn’t be remarkable, outside of what it means for the game’s ending. See, if we choose to save Zoe over Mia, we are treated to what I can only call the “bad” ending to Resident Evil 7. Mia is killed and Ethan makes piece with her passing as the Umbrella Corporation flies him to safety. This is a pretty big deal, seeing as it not only means that Ethan escaped alone, but also that it’s the first time the series has gone with the “Bad” ending of a game as canon.

In fact, for the most part, RE‘s canon endings (when there were multiple endings) are often a combination of events, rather than being one specific ending that we can point to. RE1‘s true ending is a combination of the best possible endings for both Chris and Jill; RE2 is generally accepted to be Claire A/Leon B, although, certain elements seem to cross over. RE3 actually has no canon ending, outside of knowing that Barry rescues Jill and Carlos — Nicholi’s fate is deliberately left up to the fans. It’s interesting to think about at least, until we finally get to play on December 12th. I might be totally wrong, and the DLC might not even directly acknowledge which ending it’s built off of, considering Mia manages to wake up aboard the crashed oil tanker regardless of who you choose.

We’ll keep you updated as more information is made available.


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