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Rumor: Isaac Clarke is still nuts in Dead Space 3

The following rumor comes from Siliconera, the same people who supposedly have a mole with details on the plot of the upcoming Dead Space 3. Their mole isn’t afraid of spoilers but if you are, avoid them below.

Dead Space 3 is said to start off on a command center on Mars. Here Isaac is given a mission to recover a woman on the planet Tau Volantis: a frozen ball of ice in which the majority of the game will take place on.

Isaac won’t be going alone to Tau Volantis, no, he will be accompanied by none other than his newly formed split personality! Visceral might be going for a spot on the Soap Opera Channel with this new twist.

It’s clear that poor Isaac went through some crazy stuff during his last game–his mind was as much as a battleground as The Sprawl. The Marker embedded its agenda into his head, and Isaac had to fight it in the climax. If the ordeal created a rip in the little engineers psyche, then this new “Shadow Isaac” could perhaps make things interesting. After finishing Dead Space 2, I was worried that the next game would have to drop its psychological elements.

If these rumors are true, how will Shadow Isaac effect gameplay? How will he make the game any scarier? This is all a rumor for now anyway, but Prince Of Persia: Two Thrones comes to mind when I think of game characters with split personalities. It could end up humorous, but that’s not what Dead Space goes for is it?

I don’t know about you guys, but this rumor has me psyched for Dead Space 4, where Isaac has to fight Necromorphs with a bad case of Irritable Bowl Syndrome.


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