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Rumor: Is Black Hound a Hideo Kojima Horror Game? (Update: Just A Hoax)

What the heck is Black Hound? Loads of people will soon be asking this question as speculation has begun on the newly announced horror game, thanks to an enigmatic website with a countdown timer ending on September 11 and an interesting bit of hidden text.

The teaser site for Black Hound doesn’t reveal much at all at this current time aside from a title and announced platforms (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo’s next platform), but the words “Black Hound – A ##### ###### Game” can be found within the site’s source code. A what game? Well, one belonging to a first word with 5 letters and a second with 6. And I”m sure we all know who the phrase is in reference to …. Hideo Kojima.

Is Black Hound a Hideo Kojima game? Is it his next title after the cancellation of Silent Hills and his possible departure from Konami? Is this the
“Quiet Mountain” Silent Hills replacement? Maybe! But there’s nothing else to go on for now. For all we know this could be a hoax or a poor attempt at garnering hype for a game from a developer not affiliated with Kojima at all. We’ll find out in 12 days…

Update: Welp, the countdown timer ended just a few minutes ago, and surprise, it was all a hoax. A minute or so after the timer ended, the website changed to an image of some trees with accompanying rain and wildlife sound effects. The text changed to “There was a countdown here, it’s gone now”, and when clicking the text you where sent to a Rooster Teeth video from early today parodying donation videos. I doubt Rooster Teeth had anything to do with this, since pranks have never really been their thing, and the wave of backlash it’s getting is exactly the sort of thing I doubt Rooster Teeth wants just weeks before their first feature film, Lazer Team, debuts. All in all, a giant waste of everyone’s time that honestly isn’t worth even an official news post. Screw ’em.

[Source, via NintendoEnthusiast]

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