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Rumor: EA looking to make more Dead Space games

EA doesn’t seem too happy about owning the spectacular Dead Space series. They want more sales, and they want them now.

Speaking to Kotaku, an insider told them of EA’s plans to branch out the Dead Space series into new genres in hopes to increase sales. EA plans to make a Dead Space FPS, an Uncharted-like game and a Dead Space flight game…I’m not sure how popular flight games are these days, but sure.

The insider told of a management shift that almost killed the production of Dead Space 3. You know, the one we actually really want.

More details on Dead Space 3 have been leaked to Kotaku and they’re the very same details that was leaked not too long ago to Siliconera. The third entry is said to bring Isaac to the frozen planet of Tau Volantis. The game is also said to be completely co-op and be the end of the Isaac Clarke trilogy.

It seems like EA intends to change the Dead Space series for good after the third game is released. I am a big fan of Extraction, but officially turning the series into something it’s not is disappointing. Dead Space is a great example of modern Survival Horror. It brought back that classic genre to modern consoles, and now it seems that EA wants to drop that in favor of more mainstream genres. I wouldn’t be all too bothered if these planned titles were intended to be side games, but according to Kotaku’s source, the series is changing for good.

The Survival Horror genre is still a very niche one. Thankfully, we still have true-to-form titles to look forward to. AMY, Resident Evil: Revelations and Silent Hill: Downpour should fix the hole in my heart. I will miss you Dead Space.


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