Rumor: Castlevania SotN and Rondo of Blood Coming to PS4

K…Konami doing something? What!?

Jokes aside it has been a depressingly long time since there was a real Castlevania game available on home systems. The last major release in the series was 2014’s Lords of Shadow 2, although that could honestly be said for almost all of Konami’s major properties. It’s been years since Konami released something other than Metal Gear Survive and PES games. That said, these games aren’t in any way new, just… real good.

A game titled Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood has been given a rating for PlayStation 4 by the Gaming Rating and Administration Committee of Korea. Both English and Japanese versions were submitted for approval, which might indicate that this collection is coming West as well hopefully. This is just rating information (which ended up being a 15, the equivalent more or less of the ESRB Teen) and there’s no other information at the moment. I wouldn’t get your hopes up for this collection being especially “HD”, though. Even when Symphony of the Night was released for Xbox 360, it looked basically exactly like it always had.

Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night are actually and have always been sister games, with the ending of RoB serving as the opening of SotN, and this might be the first time the original RoB comes west. The game was originally developed for the Japanese PC Engine system, and America only got a sort of adapted game called Castlevania Dracula X for Sega Genesis and remade for PSP in the Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles, which included SotN as well. RoB was one of the last “classic” style Castlevania games before the 2D series shifted entirely to the “Metroidvania” style, focusing on more straight-forward maps and item use over relying solely on your main weapon.

Symphony of the Night, of course, is the game that changed it all. Introducing the world to Metroidvania gameplay, it’s largely considered to be one of the best games of all time. An incredibly deep adventure RPG that saw us exploring a simply massive version of Dracula’s castle, SotN stands the test of time in a way few other games can lay claim to.


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