Retro survival horror game Station now on Kickstarter

Despite how mysterious outer space is to mankind, there’s still a vast amount of uncharted territory on our own planet. Deep below the ocean’s surface lies many mysteries. The retro-inspired 2D survival horror game Station leverages this and puts players in the ARC underwater mining facility, cast as a simple worker. When a strange event causes ARC’s inhabitants to become violent and crazed, Station‘s protagonist must traverse the facility and escape.

Featuring retro 2D visuals and non-linear gameplay, Station requires players to solve puzzles and practice survival skills. As Station‘s protagonist searches for answers to the ARC’s bizarre incident, he’s left to his own devices to explore, without the game offering specific guides to goals. Puzzles can be approached and solved by traditional means or through force, the latter potentially endangering the protagonist. Three status meters must be maintained in Station: Tiredness, Freezing (temperature), and Air capacity.

Station is asking for £10,000 to fund development. The game will release on Windows in Q1 2016 if funding is met and Q2 for Mac and Linux. If developer Well-Lit reaches their ₤25,000 stretch goal, Station will also release as a cross-buy title on the PS4 and Vita. A demo of Station is available on the Kickstarter page.


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