Resident Evil Village: New DLC Details, RE4 Remake Coming to PS4

Kicking of Tokyo Game Show this year, we got a fresh new look at some of Capcom’s most anticipated games coming out between now and the end of next year during a special Capcom showcase stream. All of it looks amazingly exciting, especially the impressively robust Street Fighter 6 — but that’s not what we’re here to talk about. Resident Evil Village was given a brief spotlight during the stream, showcasing both what we can expect from the upcoming DLC expansion, as well as the upcoming ports to various new platforms.

Starting off with that DLC, we got a tasty new look at all three aspects of it: Third Person Mode, the Shadows of Rose story chapter, and the new Mercenaries: Additional Orders. Along with all that, we also got a very brief update on Resident Evil 4 Remake. Check out the Resident Evil section of the showcase:

The real highlight here is the new details on Shadows of Rose, which shows off a brief look at her Megamycite powers being used during gameplay in order to freeze one of the new enemy types — one that appears to be a one-hit kill as well. We still don’t know much about these new molded-looking husks, but the Resident Evil Twitter account seems to have revealed that they may be called Face Eaters (an assumption I’m making based on the way they appear to kill Rose in the trailer), although there’s a chance they’re actually referring to a creature shown in one of the new images, some sort of weird flower-eye polyp thing. Gyugh.

We also got some brief looks at Village’s new ports to Mac, Switch, and PSVR. There isn’t much to say here, although in the brief clip we got of Village VR, we can see Ethan throw his knife at a Moroaica. This is a great improvement to the systems Resident Evil 4 VR introduced, throwing the knife felt like it’d be natural in that game, but was sadly not possible. Looks like Capcom took some ideas from seeing players routinely try to do it.

Following up on the new Village details, we also got an exciting surprise tidbit for last-gen players: Resident Evil 4 Remake is headed to PlayStation 4 along with current-gen systems! It appears that Xbox One players aren’t getting the same opportunity, sadly, and there doesn’t seem to be official word on why (although some fans speculate it might be part of a previously existing deal with Sony). That was it for REmake 4 news, however, Capcom revealed that we’re getting a new Resident Evil Showcase stream next month where we’ll get some fresh news on the upcoming game! There’s no date yet, but probably sometime around when Village‘s DLC drops, just before Halloween.

There was no news regarding the upcoming Resident Evil: RE:Verse.

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