Resident Evil Village Marketing Reveals New Villain

Resident Evil Village Marketing Reveals New Villain

Despite the release day for Resident Evil Village being less than 40 days away, we still know surprisingly little about the new title — which is a very good thing in our opinion. So far, marketing has focused almost entirely on Castle Dimitrescu, home of the Tall Lady (Alcina Dimitrescu) and her as-of-yet unnamed daughters — but the village itself is friggin’ massive, and we’ve barely seen even a fraction based on the collector’s edition map. One thing that’s been intriguing me since the most recent trailer is the fact that not only is Dimitrescu not the only villain we’ll be facing but that she doesn’t even seem to be the one in charge. We’ve also seen evidence of Houses Beneviento, Moreau, and Heisenberg — as well as Dimitrescu’s phone conversation with a reported ‘Mother Miranda’, who’s been mentioned elsewhere in marketing. With a new piece of marketing, however, we may be getting to see our first look at one of these threats.

While a bit blurry and we’re only getting some of the artwork, Twitter user @11masa0000 caught a look at a new Resident Evil Village poster depicting Ethan, Chris (holding Rosemary, Ethan’s daughter), and an all-new character we haven’t seen before — at least not their face. Shielded behind an ornate mask similar to a traditional masquerade Pantalone mask, where the ‘nose’ lengthens out into a beak shape — perhaps similar to a plague doctor’s iconic look? The use of feathers as a motif in this art has me thinking that we may finally be getting the face of one of the game’s main named antagonists though, due to another piece of art we’ve actually already seen.

If you decided to opt for Resident Evil Village‘s Deluxe Edition (or just like ogling pretty box art), the feather motif on that cover art actually holds a hidden threat that can be easily missed if you’re just glancing at it. I used it for this article’s header image, but I’ll give you another look here:


Do you see it? Hidden amongst the feathers (which splatter out into fingerprints in places), is a pitch-black hand with ornate filigree texturing to it. The decorative look to the fingers matches up with the mask of the character depicted in this poster, who (based on this information) I think has a strong chance of being the mysterious Mother Miranda. I could be (and probably am, honestly) totally wrong about that, but it does seem strange to give this character such a place of reverence on two major pieces of art for the game. Then again, Resident Evil 5 used crows/feathers in early marketing as well, and it meant less than nothing save for one kind of cool-looking cutscene early in the game.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see. A new Resident Evil Village Showcase stream is set for April, and we’re extremely excited to see what new content it has to bring to the table! Resident Evil Village itself releases May 7th across Xbox systems, PS4, PS5, and PC.

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