Resident Evil Village is, of Course, Heavily Censored in Japan

Resident Evil Village is, of Course, Heavily Censored in Japan

Unsurprisingly, and tragically, it appears that Japan’s CERO ratings board has taken a significant bite out of Resident Evil yet again. Capcom recently uploaded a Q&A regarding regional differences for Resident Evil Village, which focuses entirely on the game’s graphic content — and sadly fans of BioHazard are going to be getting the short end of the stick. Much like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard before it, Village will be having its depictions of dismemberment removed completely for the Japanese version, and blood effects will be toned down in general. Village will also be getting a CERO Z version, along with its CERO D version (which is common for Japan, think of it as a game getting both a Teen and Mature rated version in the States), but the post is vague on the differences.

It’s worth mentioning that the CERO Z version of the series’ games have also been heavily censored in the past. Resident Evil 7 retained much of its gore for the CERO Z version (while almost all of it was missing in the CERO D version), but a lot was still gone or altered. Most notably, dismembered body parts had the blood on them changed to black, and all variants of decapitation were removed entirely (even the half decapitation of Deputy Anderson). It’s probable that most of these changes, especially the lack of decapitation, will continue to be absent across all versions in Japan.

While I’ve suspected that the Resident Evil Village: Maiden demo on PS5 may have been censored, according to possible changes that the CERO D version would be making, none of these things affect the version of the game coming westward. We’ll all get to see everything in as much grisly detail as possible!

Resident Evil Village releases across PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, S, X, and PC May 7th.


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