Resident Evil: Village Coming May 7th, New Trailer, PS5 Demo Tonight!

After months of waiting, we finally have our official release date for Resident Evil: Village!

Revealed today during the Resident Evil Showcase stream, May 7th is when the world of Survival Horror will continue across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC along with versions just announced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! Last-gen consoles versions also include a free upgrade to current gen.

Along with this news, we have a new trailer showing off the interior of the castle and new enemies! Check it out:

Next up we got our first look at gameplay, hosted by producer Pete Fabiano. We’ll be going over this footage in more detail later, but you can get a good look at the Tall Lady (now revealed to be named Lady Dimitrescu) and her daughters assaulting Ethan, the new and improved blocking system, and the first look at an all-new type of enemy. We also get to meet this game’s version of the merchant, who they’re calling The Duke, along with the new Attache Case inspired inventory screen. We’re waiting on a good upload of the footage on its own, but for now, you can skip to the 35-minute mark in the stream video itself:

We’ve also got multiple editions to preorder including a physical collectors edition with a Chris statue, and a look at the pre-order bonuses. Along with that, there’s also a double pack that collects Resident Evil 7 and Village together. Pricing for the various Resident Evil: Village editions is as follows: MSRP $59.99 Standard Edition, $69.99 Deluxe Edition, $219.99 Collector’s Edition.

We’re also getting a demo tonight, exclusive to PS5 called MAIDEN. Like the Beginning Hour demo for Resident Evil 7 before it, this demo is an original story seeing us play as a separate character from Ethan, guiding her through the shadows of the castle as we attempt to escape. There’s no combat (and they stress no blocking, either), as this demo is designed to focus purely on atmosphere and tension. Fabiano also announced that a separate demo will release later this spring for fans on other platforms (think RE6‘s Dragon’s Dogma demo and then the later released second demo).

After that, we got a full reveal of Resident Evil: Village’s multiplayer component, RE:Verse, which is a celebration of the franchise for its 25th anniversary with maps and characters from throughout the series (well, the RE Engine ones at least), with third-person PVP shooter gameplay. We got to see players stepping into the boots of Leon, Claire, Jill, Jack Baker, and even Nemesis as they battle it out across a heavily modified version of the R.P.D.. You can check out the trailer here:

Announced along with that is a special update for The Division 2, which adds in costumes and weapons inspired by Resident Evil. So that’s cool, I guess.

That was it for the showcase, but with the demo tonight and tons of new footage to pour over, we’re gonna have our hands full as it is! This story is developing, so we’ll continue to update it as more information becomes readily available!

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