Resident Evil Village DLC: 3rd Person Mode, Rose Sequel Story

After close to a year of waiting, Resident Evil Village‘s DLC has finally been revealed during today’s Capcom Showcase Stream, and it’s one hell of an update. Shockingly it includes three entirely new modes: Shadows of Rose, New Mercenaries content, and most surprising of all, an all-new third-person mode for the main campaign, all coming October 28th of this year, along with a collection release called Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition! Check out the trailer:

YouTube video

The three parts to the new DLC are as follows:

Shadows of Rose: an all-new story chapter set 16 years after the events of Resident Evil Village, where Rose Winters battles against the psychological effects of the Megamycite still in her system, connected to Ethan and the tragic events of Village. It’s played completely in third-person, and features psychological horror as the main centerpiece!

The Mercenaries: Chris, Heisenberg, and Lady Dimitrescu are being added to the playable roster, with all-new abilities to ramp up the action (including Dimitrescu’s height).

Third Person Mode: An all-new third person version of Resident Evil Village that lets us play through the entirety in Resident Evil‘s beloved over-the-shoulder system, complete with new animations and gameplay (along with finally getting our first official look at Ethan’s face)!

All of this is being released on October 28th across all platforms. We’ll update as more information becomes available. There’s also no word yet on how much it will cost, but earlier in the year a Capcom shareholders report referred to it as being ‘free’, so I guess we’ll see. Also, Resident Evil: RE:Verse is being released alongside the DLC, however, no additional information was included in the stream.

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