Resident Evil: Resistance Update Tomorrow: New Map, Fursuits

While we all wait with bated breath for the potential announcements happening in just a few hours during the Sony PlayStation 5 stream, Resident Evil: Resistance decided to announce a new content update! Following the addition of RE3 star Jill Valentine and villain Nicholai Gineoveaf as Survivor and Mastermind (along with Nemesis as Nicholai’s BOW), the team behind Resident Evil: Resistance are releasing their third free content update. The latest update brings with it an all-new map: Prison, along with a ton of new cosmetics. You might notice that some of those cosmetics stand out a little from the others… you’ll see what I mean. Check out the trailer:

YouTube video

The new map intrigues the hell out of me, and leaves me to wonder what its lore is. Could this be a prison set in Raccoon City proper, or perhaps a grim facility ran by Umbrella (similar to Rockfort Island)? This would be the first time we’ve ever heard of it, but of course Resident Evil: Resistance isn’t canon either way so it ultimately doesn’t matter exactly. They can have fun and do whatever they like! The map looks dark and claustrophobic, and a breath of fresh air from the four maps the game launched with (none of which are bad, but I know them like the back of my hand now). While I’m not exactly jumping up and down at more cosmetics with the currently unappealing drip-feed style they’re dolled out in, I gotta say — the new skins are fun as hell.

From 50s style alien rayguns to a corndog, weapons get another cavalcade of silly skins, and Survivors get a bunch of new pallet swaps. Oh, and fursuits. Just straight up fursuits, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Some AAA video game was bound to have actual fursuits as an unlockable cosmetic eventually, why not have it be Resident Evil: Resistance where it can just be super charming and fun with the rest of the characters and tone. Looks like Jill’s fursona is… an alpaca? Also, unless I’m mistaken, it looks like her Classic Costume from RE3 will be included, or it’s at the very least the base for the fursuits she can wear.

Regardless, this new content update drops some time tomorrow! We can’t wait to dive in and see just what all is new!

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