Treat your ears to Resident Evil Revelations’ different languages

Another day has passed as I continue to stare at my calendar, feverishly counting down the days until Resident Evil Revelations’ release on February 7. Yeah, it’s just another day…It doesn’t help that we’re getting a good dose of awesome information from the game currently, making the wait even harder (a set- piece level with hunters climbing up a building as you’re fighting to make it to the top? Hell yes!). God, I just want it to be February already…

Well, here’s something else to chew on until then! Well, for our ears to chew on…I guess. We already know that the game will support various languages. Having said that, I’m sure many of you are eager to get an aural taste of what these other vocal tracks sound like. Well, your curiosity can now rest, thanks to the video below, giving us a sample of the game’s different languages.

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